Seahawk Beach Volleyball Camps with Coach David Fischer: 
2020 High School Advanced (rising grades 9-11). Cancelled for '20
Elite High Elite Crash Course (rising grades 11-12 only), Cancelled for '20 

2020 High School Advanced: Cancelled

2020 Elite Crash Course (grades 11-12 and entering college freshmen only): Cancelled

All beach camps are 9am-4pm unless otherwise stated, commuter only, delicious lunch included

Typical day at HS advanced camps:

Day 1:

8:30-9   Check-in and reminder: this is a phone-free camp so Airplane mode it is  :)  

9:15       Intros and warm-up, then it’s FUNdamentals: passing and setting

10:15     Serving

10:30     Snack break / Chalk Talk: So, whereya from, and what's this college beach thing all about? 

11:00     Defensive moves from the basic to advanced

12:00     Lunch / videos inside Dig & Dive

1:15       More passing and setting because they’re kinda important

2:30       Team block-based defense, just like USA Beach Volleyball teaches it

4:00       Pick-up

Day 2:

8:45       Check-in

9:15       Warm-up, then it’s all about attacking

10:15     3 new types of serves to befuddle your opponents

10:30     Snack break and chalk-talk: Beach Volleyball Etiquette
11:00     The sideout: pass-set-attack. Demos then fun games to implement

12:00     Lunch / videos inside Dig & Dive

1:15       Getting the arm to whip

2:00       Hitting from the left; Hitting from the right; stand-up, sit down, fight fight fight!

2:30       Siding out versus a block-based defense -- power and selling the power, delivering the shots

4:00       Pick-up

Day 3:

8:45       Check-in

9:15       Warm-up, then review of passing,

10:15     3 game-winning serves everyone needs to have

10:30     Snack break and chalk-talk: Taking care of your body: sleep, nutrition, mental health

11:00     Transitioning from defense to offense and back again

12:00     Lunch / videos inside Dig & Dive

1:15       Understanding volleyball terms: the significance of the jumbo, the skyball, the pokey, etc.

2:30       Figuring out why we like the wind and close games

4:00       Pick-up

Day 4:

8:45       Check-in

9:15       Warm-up, then quick review of everything, including game etiquette

10:00     Games games games games with each other games with UNCW players and coaches and more games

12:00     Lunch / videos inside Dig & Dive

1:15       Games games games with each other and with UNCW coaches and players and more and more games

4:00       Pick-up


David Fischer Volleyball Camps, LLC comply with all provisions of the American with Disabilities Act.  If you are a qualified person with a disability and desire a reasonable accommodation to participate in this activity, please contact David Fischer at fischerd@uncw.edu to discuss accommodations. The camps are neither supported, controlled, nor supervised by the University of North Carolina Wilmington but rather are under the sole supervision, control, and sponsorship of Camp Director David Fischer. VolleyHawks and SandyHawks Academy Clinics are open to any and all entrants limited only by number, age, grade or gender. Mailing address: 310 Greenfield St., Wilmington, NC 28401