Seahawk Beach Volleyball Camps with Coach David Fischer 
2022 dates:
High School Advanced, July 6-8 (grades 9-12)
High School Elite Crash Course, July 20-21 (grades 11-12)
Middle School all levels, July 11-14 (grades 6-8) 

2022 High School Advanced: July 6-8
2022 Elite Crash Course (grades 11-12 and entering college freshmen only): July 20-21
Middle School Advanced: July 11-14, 9:00am-12:00pm

All beach camps are 9am-4pm unless otherwise stated, commuter only, delicious lunch included. All take place at Capt'n Bill's Backyard Grill, 4240 Market St., Wilmington, NC

Typical day at HS advanced camps:

Day 1:

8:30-9   Check-in and reminder: this is a phone-free camp so Airplane mode it is  :)  

9:15       Intros and warm-up, then it’s FUNdamentals: passing and setting -- both hands and bump

10:15     Serving

10:30     Snack break / Chalk Talk: So, whereya from, and what's this college beach thing all about? 

11:00     Defensive moves from the basic to advanced

12:00     Lunch provided by Capt'n Bill's

1:15       More passing and setting because they’re kinda important

2:30       Team block-based defense, just like USA Beach Volleyball teaches it

4:00       Camper sign-out

Day 2:

8:45       Check-in

9:15       Warm-up, then it’s all about attacking

10:15     3 new types of serves to befuddle your opponents

10:30     Snack break and chalk-talk: Beach Volleyball Etiquette
11:00     The sideout: pass-set-attack. Demos then fun games to implement

12:00     Lunch provided by Capt'n Bill's

1:15       Getting the arm to whip

2:00       Hitting from the left; Hitting from the right; stand-up, sit down, fight fight fight!

2:30       Siding out versus a block-based defense -- power and selling the power, delivering the shots

4:00       Camper sign-out

Day 3:

8:45       Check-in

9:15       Warm-up, then review of passing, 

10:00     Games games games games with each other games with UNCW players and coaches and more games

12:00     Lunch provided by Capt'n Bill's

1:15       Games games games with each other and with UNCW coaches and players and more and more games

4:00       Awards and Camper Sign-out